Sarri, Domenico Natale

Sarri, Domenico Natale (1679 - 1744)
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A Scarlatti: Notte cara a un cor che langue
Forces: soprano & continuo

(1705) Hanley 478. Three arias, two recits. Sources in British Library and Santini Collection, Münster.

Theme of night and the solitary lover; rewarding cello part, especially the virtuoso Aria 2.

Vocal range: d'-g''.

Editor: Rosalind Halton

Cantata à voce sola di soprano
Sarri: Se pur fosse il cor capace
Forces: soprano, flute & continuo

The eternal 'if' cantata. 'If my heart was able to enjoy sweet peace...' A really beautiful opening Affettuoso/Amoroso aria, quick, to the point recitative and a snappy little Andante to finish. This is a really enjoyable piece!

Source: Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella - Napoli: 33.5.24 (24)

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata con flauto
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